• Systems and Network Audits

  • Need to know what you have on-hand but don’t? Let CemTek’s experts conduct a comprehensive audit of your hardware, software, licenses, and compliance to relevant standards.


    Cemtek is retained to review the information prepared by C&A’s IT Department and based on it to provide C&A with a review of the IT infrastructure.

  • 2007, 1st stores open in China. C&A is a global fashion retailer with more than 18,000 stores around the world. On the one hand, C&A brings international cutting-edge fashion trends and retail experience to Chinese consumers; on the other hand, it integrates sizing design suitable for Asian people into its products, striving to become an excellent fast fashion brand in the Chinese market.

  • Stores

    Audit on the current IT solution in C&A stores. Such as POS machines, Traffic counters, Safety equipment, CCTV & Computer equipment. Research & recommend for alternatives that exist on the market.


    CemTek provide a proposal outlining the recommended tasks, including investment in hardware equipment and software. The Consultant, to the best of his abilities, represent the best interests of C&A.