CemTek Celebrates 22 Years of Exceptional Client IT Service

    CemTek’s hands-on culture and operational heritage has defined us for 22 years. Over time, our clients’ problems have evolved and become more complex. We have introduced new service lines to help solve those problems, but our value-driven, solutions- oriented approach has an d always will remain the same.




    What We Do

    Uncover and implement the right IT solution, at the right time, in the right way.

    CemTek provides skilled leadership, problem solving and value creation for companies across industries and around China. We work as IT advisers, interim leaders and partners who tell you what you need to know about your IT, not always what you want to hear. We believe better IT can do better business in smart way.


    How We Help

    Rapid diagnosis, exacting action, practical IT solutions and on-site IT leaders.


    Complex IT problems, shifting demands and tumultuous business environments make today’s decision maker even more dangerous and difficult. Our operational heritage helps us decipher your IT challenges, as our commitment to IT value creation identifies new business opportunities. Always at the ready, we stand with you.


    We are IT service provider when they had started to establish Shanghai Company since 1998.


    Shanghai CemTek Computer Solutions (CemTek) - we specialize in providing customized and reliable information technology solutions and services to our customers.


    CemTek has many years of experience in Shanghai in this field, and we are lucky to enjoy a steady and healthy relationship with our customers. Our client list has been expanding continuously, with clients from many different industries, including banking, telecommunications, manufacturing and service, and many foreign consulates in Shanghai. Our clients include not only large multi-national corporations, but also many small and medium-sized companies and organizations. e.g., C&A, Trendy Global, Yada Electronic, Omnicom Group, WPP Group, SIEMENS, DANONE Group, Praxair China, KDDI China, Toyota Motor Corp., Kingston Shanghai, PWC, Fujian Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Xinjiang Local Taxation Bureau, Institute of Standardization of Electronics Industry, Ministry of Information Industry etc..​


    The functions and software packages that we use to help solve problems at our clients' offices include Microsoft (O365, SharePoint), Security, Backup, firewall (Cisco), antivirus, VMware, SaaS, IaaS etc.


    Our staffs include a number of highly qualified senior IT specialists, each with over a dozen years of IT experience, as well as several local but English-speaking engineers.​


    It is my sincere hope that we can keep in touch, and that CemTek will have a chance to listening to yo needs and concerns with today's fast-developing information technologies. We can provide you with an effective and efficient solution both in a timely manner and in an economical way. We hope we could have the pleasure of working together with you in the near future.




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    27A Xin An Tower West Building, 200 Zhen Ning Road, Shanghai, China