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  • Network Monitoring System Implementation

  • Network applications require more and more network availability and performance, so the monitoring of network availability and performance is more and more important. The goal of network management is sometimes to focus on the availability of the network, even if the network availability is as close to 100% as possible, and the outage of any critical network equipment will affect the availability.

  • Praxair (China) Investment Co. Ltd. located in Shanghai. It needs a set of 24-hour real-time monitoring, real-time fault alarm and fault information for the Shanghai office equipment, data center equipment, bandwidth application management, etc., so as to facilitate timely repair; through in-depth analysis of response time, generate performance test reports to help analyze and improve network performance and allocate network resources reasonably.

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    Monitoring objectives

    • Offices in Shanghai
    • Data center in Shanghai
    • Total number of devices to monitor: around 100
    • Bandwidth usage monitoring required
  • CemTek provides turn-key services, including:

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    • Consulting for choosing the most appropriate software applications;
    • Software/hardware procurement;
    • Implementation:
    • Project management: consulting in planning, preparations;​
    • Installation of all hardware/software components.
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    Support services:

    1. Hotline service: Customer can do telephone consult with CemTek within 5*8*NBD (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, Next Business Day).
    2. On-site service: If customer get problems that cannot be resolved by email or telephone, CemTek Computer Solutions will offer onsite service.  Service time: 5*8*NBD


    At the end of the implementation process CemTek provides administrator training for the appointed engineers of Client.